At Livinlux, we take pride in offering you a curated collection of designer handbags that cater to various levels of wear and tear. To help you make an informed choice, we've developed a condition guide that rates our handbags on a scale from 5 to 10, with 10 being in the best condition. Please note that while each handbag is thoroughly inspected and maintained, minor variations in wear may naturally occur due to their pre-loved nature. Here's what you can expect from each rating:

Condition 10: Impeccable

These handbags are as close to new as it gets. They exhibit minimal signs of wear, maintaining their original pristine look. You can expect a flawless exterior, clean interior, and minimal wear on hardware.

Condition 9: Excellent

Handbags in this condition show very slight wear, almost imperceptible to the naked eye. You might notice minimal signs of use, such as light scuffing on corners or slight creasing on leather. The overall appearance remains close to new.

Condition 8: very Good

Handbags rated as very good have been well-maintained and show light wear. You might find minor scuffing on corners, slight creasing, or minor scratches on hardware. The interior remains clean, and the overall appearance is still quite impressive.

Condition 7: Good

Handbags in good condition exhibit noticeable wear but still offer an attractive appearance. You may observe moderate wear on corners, some creasing, and small scratches on hardware. The interior remains clean and functional.