Elevate your loyalty game.

As you accumulate rentals under your belt, returning them in tip-top shape, you'll notice your points stacking up in no time. Get ready for a treasure trove of bags in that tier and even more exciting perks.

  • Tier Image

    begin as a sustainable stylist

    • Access to bags valued at $3000 and under.
    • Rent 1 bag at a time.
    • 25 points upon joining the squad.
    • Bring friends and score 50 points for each fashionista you bring on board.
    • Share your thoughts through reviews and receive 20 points.
    • Flaunt your fashion on social media and effortlessly add 10 points to your style vibe.
    • Spend a dollar and earn 5 points towards unlocking your fashion dreams.
    • 10 points when you follow on instagram.
    • 25 points for signing up to our newsletter.
    • share the website with friends and earn 10 points.
  • Tier Image

    unlock more as a luxury icon

    • Access to bags valued at $4000 and under.
    • Rent 1 bag at a time.
    • Achieve 6000 points and unlock our exciting second tier.
    • Discover an array of stunning fashion treasures waiting for you.
    • Elevate your style game, unlock more fashion, and make every outfit a statement.
  • Tier Image

    join fashion royalty

    • The entire collection of fashion wonders unlocks, ready to elevate your style.
    • Rent 2 bags at a time.
    • Hit the dazzling 10,000 points mark and step into Tier 3 as a VIP member.
    • Embrace special VIP perks that will make your chic heart sing.
    • Unlock ultimate chic, level up your style, and show the world you're the VIP fashion guru.
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